Find hidden assets, keep them all

It is possible that if a spouse in a divorce hides assets from the other spouse, the court can award 100% of the hidden marital assets to the damaged party. Rather than losing just 50% of the assets, the bad faith action of hiding the assets can cause the case to award all of the hidden assets to the other party.

In this case from California, a spouse hid over $1 million in funds from the divorce court. Rather than split this found money between the parties, the judge gave it all to the spouse who was honest in the divorce case.

“She failed to reveal that she had $1.3 million. The judge, according to the Los Angeles Times, ruled that she had acted out of fraud or malice. As a result, he awarded the ex-husband all of the money. California is a community property state. The ex-husband would have been awarded half if she had disclosed it. But because she attempted to hide the asset, the judge awarded the ex-husband every penny.”

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