Online payment scams and frauds

scam1There are always hundreds of scams online looking to get web visitors to send payments into their scam and receive nothing in return. The frauds take the form of selling products, investing in businesses, buying inventory, or partnerships. The presentations are often very professional looking, and promise some desirable result.

If you become a victim of such an online scam if it important to take action quickly. The information needed to pursue your lost money often disappears as the scammers transition from taking in new money, to hiding from investors, to then setting up the new scam. As soon as possible, take screen shots of the entire website, links in emails, and invoices. Capture any images and information on all pages, especially payment screens and contact pages. Terms and conditions pages are often re-used on other scams so grab those pages to identify copies text and possibly addresses. Capture not only the page text but also all metadata which discloses background coding and references to other servers. This is important because once the fraud gets more complaining victims than new customers, they usually shut down the site and go to another domain name.

A good investigation will run forensics on all of the captured data, emails, phone numbers, payment references, and identifying data hidden within website code.

Getting you lost money back not only helps restore your savings, but also makes the fraudsters slow down future scams. Most scammers rely on the fact the prior victims will take no action to recover their money, so they are confident that they can continue to operate with no consequences.

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