State Inspector General’s Office says probe into UB embezzlement continues

From UBFO, “The New York State Inspector General’s Office says it is continuing its investigation into the embezzlement of funds from the University at Buffalo by two former employees, including a longtime vice president.

Black, an employee at UB for nearly four decades, admitted in State Supreme Court Thursday to stealing more than $330,000 dollars over a nine-year period and using them for various personal activities. Constantino admitted to stealing approximately $14,000 in state funds while working as UB’s Director of Campus Living.

During a Thursday news conference, Erie County District Attorney John Flynn explained how Black was able to tap into state funds. He was able to do so by diverting funds from the Faculty Student Association, a not-for-profit corporation that operates UB’s food service and book stores and also oversees various student club accounts.

Flynn explained that FSA makes payments to UB’s general account. But Black, in his role, was able to yield control over the FSA and divert funds into a separate account he also controlled and existed outside of the university’s auditing system.”

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