Fontana company ex-employee pleads guilty to $1.53M embezzlement scheme

From The Sun, “A Riverside County woman accused of embezzling almost $1.53 million from her Fontana employer to pay personal bills over a 10-year period pleaded guilty Thursday, Sept. 21, in U.S. District Court — to one count of mail fraud in connection with one transaction, according to a U.S. Attorney’s Office news release.

Jacquelin Dyer, 67, was the controller and co-general manager of Pacific Forge Inc. in Fontana, and used corporate funds to pay a mortgage on a Jurupa Valley residence, personal tax payments, vehicle repair bills and more than $1.1 million in American Express bills, according to the news release.

She is scheduled to be sentenced Jan. 18 in Los Angeles. She faces up to 20 years in federal prison. As part of a plea agreement, she is required to pay full restitution to the victim.

Dyer printed and signed checks purportedly to pay vendors, writing the vendor names in the company ledger, but “in reality, these checks were not intended for any vendor,” authorities said. Instead, she mailed the checks made out to pay her personal bills, according to court records.

She was “responsible for day-to-day activities related to all aspects of accounting” at the business and was authorized to sign corporate checks for amounts up to $5,000, according to court documents. Amounts above $5,000 required two signatures.

If the forged checks were all under $5,000, that would equate to more than 300 of them — or an average of about 2 1/2 per month — to embezzle $1.53 million over 10 years.”

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