Embezzlement suspect says owner gave her the money

From The Bulletin, “Newly unsealed court documents illuminate how a Bend woman is alleged to have embezzled nearly $190,000 from the painting company where she worked as office manager and accountant.

Gretchen Marie Miller, 33, told investigators last month the money she’s alleged to have stolen from Bend Painting Inc. over four years was given to her in the form of gifts from the owner, with whom she says she was having an intimate affair, according to the court documents.

Miller had left the company amicably in 2016 when she got married, Iams told The Bulletin last week. The 14-year-old company had recently hired a new office manager who noticed irregularities in the business’ financial documents.

Miller’s alleged methods include writing checks to herself then changing the ledger to show a payment to someone else, or deleting the entry entirely, the documents state. When Bend Painting was to have garnished income from Miller’s own paychecks, she allegedly paid the balance with a company check and changed the check coding to show payments for “licenses and permits.”

Five days later, in an interview with police at her house, Miller said she and Iams had sex numerous times during her employment at the company, the documents state. Miller claims Iams, who was married at the time, would give her money through corporate accounts to avoid being caught by his wife.”

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