On the first day of Christmas…my employees claimed from me

From RealBusiness, “A Christmas perk is a simple way to thank staff for their efforts during the year, while boosting morale and helping to build bonds. It’s particularly important for a growing business, with smaller teams requiring everyone to be pushing in the same direction.

But what happens if some employees believe they deserve a little more reward than the Christmas perk they’ve been given? A recent survey into expense fraud, commissioned by webexpenses, found that 51 per cent of UK respondents viewed expenses as a kind of “treat”.

Employees commonly justified falsifying and exaggerating their expense claims as a way to reward themselves for areas they thought their salary failed to cover – such as working long hours or the inconvenience of business travel.

So during this festive period, could it be that employees will be trying to sneak some of these “gifts” through their business expenses? It’s a time of year when finance teams needs to be extra vigilant to prevent those fraudulent costs from creeping through.

What fuels these kind of brazen claims within a company is a lack of effective expense management or monitoring. The research found that 84 per cent of the respondents had never had an expense challenged or declined.”

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