Expense fraud: The little and often concept that could be spreading like wildfire

From Training Journal, “Ultimately there is a multitude of reasoning behind why an employee might exaggerate or make up a claim. With over half of UK respondents (51%) agreeing if they travel for work they deserve a treat and 71% using the excuse ‘most people increase the miles they have travelled’ it seems evident employees are brushing it off as inconsequential.

It could be businesses accepting or playing ignorant to fraud that is allowing the little and often technique to be that small flame that if left, quickly spreads. So what are the catalysts for the modern shift in expense fraud?

It’s the domino effect of one person doing something and getting away with it, so it becomes universally accepted for everyone to follow suit. Although the more brazen fraudulent claims still exist, the 2017 research found a new favourable technique of ‘only adding an additional 20 miles of fuel’.

With mileage being the most commonly claimed back form of transport (57%) it wasn’t a surprise to learn that nearly half of employees (47%) admitted to increasing the number of miles they travelled. If this is never flagged up as a serious issue, it could be employees feel it’s completely innocent and acceptable to round up their mileage.

Any form of tampering of an expense claim is fraud. However, it could be argued some employees see falsifying claims as a way to reward themselves for putting extra hours in, with 16% of UK office workers confessing to treating themselves, a partner or child to a present while away on a business trip.”

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