Venmo Scammer has stolen $25,000 in expensive camera gear

From The Verge, “wanted to pay with Venmo. Rasa, who asked not to reveal his last name, thought the payment method was strange, but not a deal-breaker.

When the money finally came in, however, it came in $80 or $90 installments. Mai sent 52 total transactions, each under $100. Rasa wasn’t sure how to respond — but weird or not, the money was in his account. So when the buyer showed up, as agreed, outside his apartment in East Hollywood, he couldn’t think of a good reason to stop the deal. He handed over the camera and set the money to transfer to his bank account, figuring it was as safe as cash in his wallet.

The next day, he realized his mistake. Roughly 15 hours after he made the handoff, Venmo froze his account, asking him to verify his identity and reach out to local law enforcement. The transfer was blocked, and it soon became clear Rasa would never get his money.

Twelve days later in Ventura County, another video pro named Brendan was hit with a similar scam.”

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